Step-by-step growers and marketers on the continent of Europe and on the globe discovered the uniqueness of opal® as a true apple, which stands out against the global apple flavour profile.

opal® producers are spread all over the world. We would like to introduce you to some of them here:

Opal grower in Germany

Marco Giordanino

Costigliole Saluzzo, ITALY
Marco Giordanino and his family from Piedmont in Italy cultivate opal® apples out of conviction.  Thanks to their sustainable and future-oriented bio-dynamic farming method according to Demeter the trees are brimming over with health. An intact soil life guarantees the development of nutrients in the ground.

The intention of the Giordaninos: protecting nature and offering following generations a good and healthy perspective.

Romain Prodel

Limousin, FRANCE
Romain Prodel, a young grower, is convinced by the opal® variety. “The altitude of the Limousin is well suited to this apple and it is very well adapted to organic production. For me it is a varietal diversification that makes sense.”

The producers of the Perlim/Meylim Alliance are convinced that this development will contribute to reinforcing its positioning, which has been based on “the culture of taste” for 50 years.

Opal-Grower in the UK
Opal grower in italy

Oriol Morreres

Lleida, SPAIN
Oriol Morreres, is an agricultural engineer. Born into a family dedicated to fruit growing. His love for the land and his passion for agriculture were laid in his genes. He is currently responsible for the opal fields of Agrolimentaria El Pla. His tireless initiative is to improve every day. This has led him to produce some of the best opal apples in Spain for the national market. His main objective is to offer the best apple, in taste, texture and crunchiness, grown with lots of love.

José-Miguel Guerrero

Zaragoza, SPAIN
José-Miguel Guerrero from Zaragoza in Spain always went his own way in cultivation of apples to differentiate himself from other suppliers. First he improved the quality of existing world varieties like Gala step by step. Due to the hot continental climate south of Zaragoza, there is a need for varieties that can withstand the heat but also stay crunchy and tasty. With opal®, they have found an apple that he and his sister Menchu Guerrero are delivering in the premium segment both regionally and worldwide to Malaysia and Dubai.
Opal grower in Spain

planting locations of opal®

Tree plantings of the apple variety ‘UEB 32642’ have been established in prominent fruit-growing regions like…

Our diverse set of of opal planting locations, spanning from 8 European countries to locations across the world including Australia, South America and Africa.

… Trentino & Piedmont in Italy, Zaragoza & Catalunya in Spain, Limousin in France, Lake Constance in Germany, Stiria in Austria, The Netherlands, UK, South Africa, Chile and Australia.